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Your seafood products, especially the salmon are some of the best seafood I have ever tasted. I have been in the business a long time and have tried seafood from many different companies. Your packaging, the quality and the taste are superior above all others I have tried. I highly recommend Smoke House NY products. They offer the best products by far!
Chef Guy Mitchell

Overall Excellent WOW!! That's the word that comes to mind when I think of The Smokehouse of NY!! There is no competition when it comes to smoked salmon & Caviar. My family and I order at least every week and especially for the holidays, it's perfect to serve for all meals. When we're out of town and visiting family & friends they even ship to us, and it's always fresh & delicious. If you want QUALITY then The Smokehouse of NY is where you need to be!!!
A Google User

This is the most gorgeous & delicious smoked salmon I've ever tasted! Totally Addicted!
Ellen Kraus

My family and I have been getting our Fresh and Smoked Salmon from the Smokehouse of NY for a while now. We love Brett and Phil, they are so helpful when it comes to recipes for the fish we are buying! We had them cater one of our family parties with their smoked fish platters, bagels and caviar, it was a hit and we had no left overs!! Their double smoked Irish salmon is our family favorite, our 3 year old devours the salmon on its own, no bagel or cream cheese needed for her!! We're visiting my parents in Tennessee this week and their one request and "demand" haha, was The Smokehouse of NY's smoked salmon packages! Easy enough All in all, you must visit the smokehouse for it's got the BEST seafood and most wonderful people who own and work there. We love visiting every week for our salmon and hope you stop in to see for yourselves
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